ELT Supervision Kuwait

Our Vision

It is the aspiration of ELT supervision  to create learners with diverse , positive and constructive attitudes  towards themselves and their society. To achieve such target , learners should be equipped with a sense of creativity in both their studies and future careers. Such goals could only be achieved through developing learners’ abilities to take care of themselves , to be able to communicate with others appropriately and take the right decisions whenever necessary.

Our Mission

ELT supervision is the channel that bonds the administrative and the technical bodies together, and provides both with the most accurate data and information, either positive or negative, in the course of pursuing, watching and supervising over the functions in the field directly, as well as measuring, assessing and evaluating. Our mission is addressed to learners, personnel ( teachers, supervisors and administrative personnel) ,curriculum, methods, activities, assessment and evaluation.

Strategic Objectives

We aspire to make learners able to…

–    interact effectively in a variety of situations.

–    obtain and make use of information from a variety of sources and media.

–    present information in an organized manner.

–    appreciate literature and other cultures and the nature of language.

–    communicate with others skillfully, appropriately, and effectively  for a

variety of purposes.

–    develop critical thinking , problem solving , scientific thinking and organizational skills.

–    obtain necessary foundation to pursue higher education e-learning, cooperative

learning and team spirit.

  We aspire to make our personnel able to…

–         use communication technology in teaching.

–         acquire a high level of professionalism and expertise to demonstrate educational leadership and good planning and thinking.

–         sustain an environment of challenging and collaborative learning, notably through a small-group tutorial system.

–         be engaged in ongoing professional development in respect of both teaching and research.

–         participate frequently in national and international conferences.

–         publish research findings in journals and books.

–         regularly host distinguished visitors, maintain and extend links with cognate departments and institutions.

–         improve instructional and self –evaluation skills.

–         use necessary information for effective communication.

–         assist with content oriented problems and serve as a resource for both the school and teachers.

 We aspire to make our curriculum /methods

–         provide a framework to build strong and rich classroom experiences that incorporate all the important learning a community expects of its learners.

–         incorporate knowledge and skills that will enable learners to be successful in the workplace of their choice, as well as in their roles as citizens, family  members and positive participants in our society.

–         create opportunities to integrate the academic and workplace knowledge and skills and learning opportunities to enhance learners’ ability to see connections between what is learned and practical applications of that learning.